Cueva del agua, Tíscar
Cueva del agua, Tíscar

According to the legend, the Arabs that lived in the castle of Tíscar believed that the insistence of the Christians in attacking their fortress was due to the fact that they wanted to recuperate the image of a virgin that was there. That’s why they threw it from the tower into the river. However, as if by magic it appeared again in the castle, and did so again and again.

Route: linear
Expected time: 15 minutes
Type of path: stairs
Recommendations: bring with you water, suitable clothes and footwear. Take care with the drops and steps.
Minimum altitude: 828 m
Starting coordinates: 37º 46’ 3,86” N, -3º 1’ 24,61” O
Length: 0,06 km
Difficulty: low
Landscape: aquatic and riverbank species. Cavern.
Special autorisation: Not necessary
Maximum height difference: 13 m
Maximum altitude: 841 m
Final coordinates: 37º 46’ 4,92” N, -3º 1’ 27,9” O

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