Guazalamanco Spring
Guazalamanco Spring

Near water sources, there are conditions that are able to create a unique ecosystem, rich in varied species of animal and plant life. Apart from this abundant collection of life, the onlooker can contemplate shapes and formations where the river has eroded away the hard rock through which it passes.

Route: linear
Expected time: 30 minutes
Type of path: way
Shade: abundant
Recommendations: bring with you water, suitable clothes and footwear.
Minimum altitude: 1 014 m
Starting coordinates: 38º 48’ 10,99’’ N — 2º 54’ 22,82’’ O
Length: 1,5 km
Difficulty: low
Landscape: riverbank vegetation, pine groves and rocks
Special autorisation: Not necessary
Maximum height difference: 88 m
Maximum altitude: 1 102 m
Final coordinates: 38º 48’ 19,74’’ N — 2º 55’ 20,27’’ O

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