The Juniper Tree Ravine
The Juniper Tree Ravine

The juniper tree with its scientific name Juniperus phoenicea, is a tree which can reach a height of 8 metres, has a greyish coloured bark, and has fibres which peel off in thin strips. Its young leaves are spikey but then change to become dark green scale like shapes. It produces a yellow/green round fruit about the size of a chick pea which turns red when ripe. It is found in regions with a Mediterranean climate.

Route: linear
Expected time: 50 minutes
Type of path: path and way
Shade: abundant
Recommendations: bring with you water, suitable clothes and footwear.
Minimum altitude: 1 011 m
Starting coordinates: 37º 46’ 28,86” N, -2º 55’ 23,64” O
Length: 2,1 km
Difficulty: low
Landscape: pine groves and conifer formations. Rocky outcrops. Ravine and abrupt drops. River. Bridge.
Special autorisation: Not necessary
Maximum height difference: 79 m
Maximum altitude: 1 090 m
Final coordinates: 37º 47’ 16,9” N, -2º 55’ 46,32” O

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